Winter 1993

es cannot recall familiar names. Perhaps through the years I have thought of these times often and they have become firmly etched in my memory. Too, because of the importance of these events in my life, I have relived them step by step, keeping memories of ones I loved near the surface.

Along with the sad memories related above, I have many happy memories which I often share with my children and others. I have begun brief notes for my family memoirs. My family and friends are encouraging this. They are wondering how many volumes it will take! One reason writing memoirs — and newsletters— appeals to me is that I hope my experiences — gained through personal successes and mostly failures — and also my observations at the funeral home and extensive reading about death and grief will somehow benefit others.

As Tiny Tim said, "God bless us all."



We dedicate this issue of Seasons to those who have died and whose families we have served from November 14, 1992, to February 25, 1993.

Mr. James Livingston Metts 11/14/92

Mrs. Lera Galloway Hobgood 11/20/92

Mr. Harold Winston Perkins 11/20/92

Mrs. Pauline Handley McCoy 11/27/92

Mr. Vettra Curtis Alderson 11/28/92

Mr. Enos Kermit Faust 11/30/92

Mrs. May Houston Denton 12/3/92

Mrs. Miriam Sproull Pullen 12/12/92

Mr. William Harris Terry 12/18/92

Mr. James Edward Smith 12/23/92

Mr. John Clarence Gardner 12/25/92

Mrs. Julia Wilson House 12/26/92

Mr. Shoffer Daniel Karr, Jr. 1/3/93

Mr. Harold Columbus Anderson 1/5/93

Mr. Celles Marion King 1/6/93

Mrs. Mabrey Reeves Sanders 1/8/93

Mrs. Effie P. Keen 1/11/93

Mrs. Eloise Marquis White 1/13/93

Mrs. Elisabeth Stephens Rounseville 1/14/93

Mr. Grady Vinson Rhines 1/15/93

Mrs. Mary Agnes Wilkins 1/17/93

Mr. Byron Earl Hanks 1/19/93

Mr. Charles Cleveland Starnes 1/20/93

Mrs. Jean Lee Brannan 1/21/93 

Mrs. Sibyl Averett Tapscott 1/27/93

Dai Saito 1/28/93

Mrs. Lavinia Houston Jackson 1/29/93

Mrs. Corinne Melgara Brown 2/1/93

Mr. Joseph Hampton Roy, Jr. 2/1/93

Mr. Howard D. Beeler 2/5/93

Mr. Everett Eugene McDannel 2/7/93

Mrs. Mary Ramzy Gay 2/8/93

Mrs. Frances Parks Knight 2/10/93

Mrs. Gertrude Ballard Barton 2/12/93

Mrs. Geraldine Heard Tucker 2/14/93

Mrs. Ella Leavell Dodwell 2/16/93

Mrs. Evie Hale Baker 2/19/93

Mr. James Louis Walker 2/20/93

Mr. Rickey Minton Tankersly 2/20/93

Mrs. Edith Good Simmons 2/20/93

Mrs. Deborah Sue Savage 2/23/93

Mrs. Elizabeth McCain Mitchell 2/25/93

Mrs. Delia Jenkins Hollowell 2/25/93

Mr. Marion Gillis 2/25/93

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