Cremation Services

Cremation Services

The biggest misconception about cremation is that there can’t be a funeral service or visitation. This is absolutely not the case—when you choose to care for the physical remains through cremation, we encourage you to consider holding a memorial service as well.

There are many options open to you when it comes to honoring your loved one’s life: you can provide a chance for friends and family to say goodbye through a final viewing before the cremation, and you can also hold a formal service either before or after the cremation occurs. After the cremation itself, there are a variety of choices for your loved one’s final disposition:

  • Interment means that you’ll bury or entomb your loved one’s cremated remains. This can be in the family plot, a memorial site, a cremation niche or urn garden, or in a variety of other indoor and outdoor locations. Ask our staff for a detailed list of interment possibilities.
  • Graveside Services are similar to those celebrated alongside a traditional ground burial, in which loved ones are present at the burial of the cremated remains and honor the deceased through memorial prayers or other meaningful tributes.
  • Scattering allows you to spread your loved one’s cremated remains in a memorial garden, a cemetery, over water, or across any other meaningful site. You can also choose to scatter some of the cremated remains and retain the rest in an urn for interment or another form of disposition.
  • Placing cremated remains in multiple urns allows family members who are separated by distance to each feel the comfort of having their loved one’s final resting place in a nearby location.

Why Choose Waller Cremation Services?

Family Owned - Waller Cremation Service is a locally owned business. We are family owned and operated. Currently there are first, second and third generation funeral directors working at Waller Cremation Service.

Four Certified Crematory Operators - At Waller Cremation Services one of our four certified crematory operators will ensure that the entire cremation process is done correctly. Only certified crematory operators will be involved in the handling of your family member.

Fully Licensed Full-Time Staff - At Waller Cremation Services we have five full time licensed Funeral Directors available 24 hours a day to assist you in all areas of funeral and cremation services. Only licensed personnel will be involved in the decision-making process of your funeral or memorial services.

Facility - At Waller Cremation Services we take great pride in maintaining a clean facility. We would like to invite you to come by and inspect our facility any time you wish. No appointment necessary. Most crematories do not extend this invitation.

Your Loved One Never Leaves Our Care - At Waller Cremation Service we have an on-site crematory along with the necessary refrigeration equipment to ensure your loved one is cared for properly and respectfully. Your family member will never leave the care of our fully licensed staff.

Cremation Options - Waller Cremation Services understands the importance of personalizing the memorial service in order to truly celebrate your loved one's life. We have a multitude of options for you to choose from. One of our five licensed Funeral Directors will be available to explain all of your options to you any time that you wish.

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