Winter 1985


Our winter newsletter is a few weeks later than we had planned. Many of you know that on December 15, 1 fell at my house and broke my hip. My recovery has been excellent, and I am now at the funeral home for part of each day. I am already on one crutch and I will soon be on only a cane. The funeral home staff has been very faithful and diligent during my absence, and I greatly appreciate each one of them. Your prayers and words of concern and encouragement must surely have contributed to my rapid recovery.

Because I have had to be inside during these months, I have enjoyed many of the pastimes we associate with the winter season but rarely have time to enjoy fully. Among the things I have enjoyed are: Visiting with friends: looking through collections of keepsakes and pictures: reading, beginning a Grandmothers Memory Book; sitting in the cozy warmth of a singing oak fire: seeing the wonder of grandchildren at the glory of a snow-covered world; watching the ducks in the pond take turns keeping a space from freezing; conversing by telephone with friends, with the special pleasure of leisurely conversations with older friends who because of health were, like me, confined to their homes.

So, even though I greatly missed being at the funeral home with those who were there during this time, I did find my confinement provided time for reflection on the past year, time for the pleasure of warmth and closeness with family and friends, and time for thinking ahead.

Most important of all, the time brought me closer to the Lord. I was reminded that God can—and did— quite quickly get my attention as I became busy with plans for Christmas and all the accompanying activities, many apart from the true meaning of that season. I saw how 1 was tempted to crowd him out of my life. Hopefully, as I continue to recuperate, I will continue the spiritual awakening brought by this experience.

Your prayers, telephone calls, visits, cards, and other expressions of concern have all been very meaningful to me.


Introducing the "Musical Presence"

In a continuing desire to serve our community, we have just installed a custom music service that provides the Musical Presence of National Music Service to the families we serve who want to use this service in place of, or in addition to, our Baldwin chapel organ. Highlighting the message of song that brings with it the promise of eternity, and creating a background that provides an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, this exclusive "Musical Presence" features the sensitive vocal artistry of Merrill Womach, nationally-known gospel soloist and recording artist.

Reflecting a lifelong ministry in music, Merrill Womach’s singing has a distinctive quality that inspires and uplifts —perhaps the result of his own personal experiences. On Thanksgiving Day in 1961, Merrill barely escaped with his life from a fiery plane crash in which lie was burned beyond recognition. He has risen above adversity through a strong faith that has challenged and encouraged thousands of other’s through personal appearances and many years of radio and television performances.

In order to fulfill the needs and requests of each family, we utilize a complete library of chapel music, which includes special selections for every faith and creed. The entire staff at Waller’s Funeral Home is dedicated to serving this community and, in so doing, has chosen with pride this additional comfort and hope to the families they serve.

Heart Memories

The heart, like the mind has its own memories and in it are stored precious keepsakes.


Most of us have experienced the death of loved ones. After they are gone, how memories do flood us! I have come to appreciate the above quotation, as my best memories are those memories of the heart.


We dedicate this issue of SEASONS to those who have died and whose families we have served from November 18, 1984 through March 4, 1985.

Mr. Leslie Johnson 11-24-84

Miss Era Mae Green 11-24-84

Mrs. Ruby Hall Coaten 12-6-84

Mr. Ernest Harold Dutton 12-7-84

Dr. Jesse L. Rothchild 12-13-84

Mr. James W. Moore, Sr. 12-13-84

Mr. William Barr Gilmer 12-16-84

Mr. Charles Jerry Perrine 12-21-84

Mr. Jim Frank Mayfield 1-2-85

Miss Eva Nicole Cregar 1-3-85

Mrs. Ester Pearle Potts 1-3-85

Mrs. Ellen Blanche Fulmer 1-8-85

Mr. Dan Pearson Murchison 1-12-85

Mr. William John Miller 1-13-85

Mr. Joe William Overstreet, Sr. 1-14-85

Mrs. Miriam Spurgeon Knight 1-23-85

Mrs. Ethel Gordon Hodge 1-24-85

Mr. Emmett David Dunson 1-25-85

Mrs. Velma Hodge Hollowell 1-26-85

Mrs. Garna Ayles Davidson 1-28-85

Mrs. Jennie Rogers Evans 1-30-85

Mr. John Ross Owens 2-1-85

Mr. Audrey Owen Boatright 2-4-85

Miss Ruth Jones 2-6-85

Mr. Charles L. Smith 2-7-85

Mrs. Myrtle Ramey Demarest 2-10-85

Miss Evelyn Lee Way 2-10-85

Mrs. Sally Taylor Perkins 2-14-85

Mr. George Linder Varner 2-15-85

Mrs. Nancy Potts White 2-16-85

Mrs. Edith Hughes 2-20-85

Mr. Enos William Wells, Sr. 2-21-85

Mr. Garland E. Fudge 2-27-85

Mrs. Clara Mae Faust 3-2-85

"Wherever the future of your family is concerned…"

Your family and those you love are your most important consideration and when you consider burial or life insurance, you should also be concerned that you purchase protection from someone you can depend on. Waller Funeral Home. American Funeral Assurance Company, and Gulf National Life Insurance Company offer you that special confidence and trust which is so important to you and those you love.


We encourage you to feel free to discuss with us any questions you have about costs of services or merchandise. We are confident you will find that our costs compare favorably with other funeral homes in this area.

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