Summer 1984


Summer is a wonderful time of year. Memories of spring linger and thoughts of the beautiful fall colors that will soon cover and the excitement that comes with the kids beginning a new school year remind us of how grateful we are to be a part of this community. We hope you enjoy "Seasons" which we will send to you from time to time. And we hope that as you hear from us. You will be reminded of the blessings we share throughout each season of the year.


Professional Staff

Bobby Phelps is our licensed funeral director and embalmer. Bobby is also a licensed insurance salesman. Terry Robbins and his wife Shirley manage the Elliot-Waller Insurance office. Terry is a licensed salesman with six years of experience. He is well qualified to assist in planning insurance to meet your funeral expenses. Bob Rosson is presently serving his apprenticeship as a resident intern embalmer. He is a student of Mortuary Science at Northwest Junior College. We have always felt that professional people should meet all legal requirements for the positions they hold.



"The measure of a life, after all, is not its duration but its donation." 

— Peter Marshal
 (1902- 1949)

Do you have a favorite poem, or thought? Send it to us and we'll share it with our readers. Mail to Patsy Waller. Waller Funeral Home, Highway 6 West. Oxford, Mississippi 38655


When we opened Waller Funeral Home in 1977, we did so with a personal sense of mission and purpose. Waller funeral home is dedicated to building a tradition of comforting service to you and your family. Always, we want to assure you of the finest professional service by people you know and trust.


Audio Visual Aids

As a service to you, we have available for your use a series of audiovisual tapes which we hope you will find useful. These tapes are available along with a special projector and tape machine which has built in mini-screens which can be viewed in the privacy of your home, or used at civic clubs, school, church, or other meetings. One especially useful slide-tape in the collection is entitled "Talking About Death with Children." The tape is narrated by children's television personality Mr. Rogers and offers youngsters special insight and understanding of the subject. The tape can be very helpful to parents who are concerned with talking about death with children. When a young friend or family member has died, Mr. Rogers can help children heal the grief which accompanies such a loss and remove the frustration from a young mind. Our collection is available for your use, and we will welcome your call regarding arrangements for use of this material. We will be glad to have someone from the funeral home present this material at a club, school, church or other meeting.

In addition, our library includes a collection of books on related subjects. We recommend to you especially one, When Bad Things Happen to God's People. This is a wonderful book, easily read and easy to understand. It can be particularly helpful to persons who are trying to resolve anger following the death of a loved one or other difficult times so many people experience. Others which have proven helpful are The Bereaved Parent and After the Flowers Have Faded. 


A Public Service to You

We hope you will take advantage of Swap and Shop on WSUH/WOOR. We are a sponsor of Swap and Shop and we hope you will use this free service to buy, sell or swap items. (Our friends who use it tell us it really works). We also sponsor the obituary report as a service to you each morning at. 8:20. At 12:01, listen to the talk segment "How To Plan Your Life" which provides helpful advice for day-to-day living. At 12:40, the local area news brings listeners up to date on happenings in our community. These services are provided by Waller Funeral Home as a community service.


About Costs

We always welcome the opportunity to openly discuss funeral costs. Each of our services and costs can be outlined in a convenient reference planner so that you can consider each decision carefully. We recommend that you consider our pre-arrangement program. All inquiries are gladly answered and of course there is no obligation. If you have any questions, please telephone us at (662) 234-7971 and we'll be happy to discuss our services with you and assist you in any way possible.



We dedicate this issue of SEASONS to those who have died and whose families we have served from January 1, 1984 through July 15, 1984.

Mr. Doyle Peyton Conner 1-4-84

Mr. Ottis Columbus Anderson 1-7-84

Mr. Robert Shuford Spencer 1-8-84

Mr. Thomas Orr McCain 1-10-84

Mrs. Claudia T. Ales 1-15-84

Mrs. Annie Louise Tubbs Patton 1-15-84

Mr. James C. Waller. Sr. 1-2-84

Mrs. Ruby Bowles Boatright 1-18-84

Miss Nancy Eliza Farley 1-27-84

Mr. Barnie T. Bramlett 2-3-84

Mrs. Van Hottox Reeder 2-4-84

Mrs. Leona Babb 2-5-84

Lt. Col. (Rt.) Austin L. Swanson 2-7-84

Miss Vera Ethel McCain 2-10-84

Mr. Robert O'Dell 2-11-84

Mr. Malcolm S. Wardlaw 2-11-84

Mr. T. J. Brassfield 2-11-84

Mrs. Rena Webb Lewis 2-14-84

Mrs. Mary Lucas 2-15-84

Mrs. Winnie R. Pylant 2-20-84

Mrs. Cordelia Echols 2-23-84

Mr. Pat Neal Campbell 2-29-84

Mr. Lonnie Tucker 3-2-84

Mrs. Maynard Coers 3-3-84

Mr. Mike Caldwell 3-4-84 

Mr. Joe Ragland 3-7-84 

Mrs. Dulcie Perkins 3-9-84

Mrs. Joanne Kincaid 3-9-84 

Mrs. Lizzie Brand Childress 3-11-84 

Mrs. Alice Hale 3-14-84

Mrs. Lena Nicholass 3-17-84

Mrs. Dagma Parks 3-21-84

Mr. Harold Hollowell 3-24-84

Mr. Grady Nelson 4-1-84 

Miss Jewell Weathersby 4-10-84

Mrs. Nadine Jackson 4-12-84

Mr. E. C. Dooley 4-12-84

Mr. Ambrose Amoline 4-14-84

Mr. Floyd James 4-15-84

Mrs. Burnie Bunch 4-16-84

Mr. William James "Buck' Brown 4-18-84

Mr. E. C. McCain 4-20-84

Mr. Braham Hume 4-22-84

Mrs. Lillie Fudge Hutton 4-23-84

Mrs. Alma B. Shaw 4-24-84

Mr. Ralph Waller 4-25-84

Mr. Rube Gunter 4-26-84

Mrs. Yong Chu Watson 4-23-84

Mr. James Phillips 4-28-84

Mrs. Arrye R. Weaver 5-8-84

Mr. James Aubrey Locke 5-20-84

Mrs. Vera Brown 5-22-84

GySgt. (Rt.) George Howard 5-24-84

Mrs. Eddie Kellum 5-28-84

Mrs. Lucy Mullen 5-31-84

Mr. James Evans Smith 6-2-84

Mr. Noel Hodge 6-4-84

Capt. (Rt.) William W. Elliott 6-7-84

Mrs. Christine Culhane 6-13-84

Mr. Willie Tidwell 6-15-84

Mr. James T. Pryor. Sr. 6-21-84

Mr. Horace Butler 6-21-84

Miss Pam Hopkins 6-28-84

Mrs. Virgie Dickey 6-29-84

Mr. Eugene Vance, Jr. 6-30-84

Mrs. Bessie Childress 7-5-84

Mr. Howard Daniel. Sr. 7-9-84

Mrs. Lucy Mae Edwards 7-11-84

Mr. Vonnie Kellum 7-14-84

Mr. Cecil Hurdle 7-15-84

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