Fall 2008

In the Hinges of Life

I was taking a tour of an old home, a southern antebellum home. The house was built somewhere over 150 years ago. Walking into the main entryway, we opened and passed through a huge door. It seemed to me that it was probably four or five times larger than any door that might be in a modern home. It was wider than and probably twice as tall if not more as the average door. I just happened to notice the hinges. Three of them were attached to the wall and to this massive piece of wood. In comparison to the massive door, they were very small hinges but it was on those three pieces of metal that everything moved. The door opened, closed, and operated because of the hinges. It could be said that in a real sense everything that happened in that house whether it was welcoming guests or ushering folks out depended upon those hinges.

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