Summer 1986


Words to express our sympathy are especially hard to find when loss of life is by miscarriage, stillbirth, or death in the neonatal period. Many of us are uncertain just how we should respond to this grief. In years past, custom favored more silence at this time than at other deaths. This silence gave the parents little consoling help as they dealt with empty hands and hearts which had been filled with so much expectancy.

Families now frequently request advice and help in planning graveside services after the death of an unborn or newborn infant. These services are often delayed to permit the mother to attend to help her sever the bonding experienced during pregnancy.

One of Don’s cousins and her husband asked our help last February in the burial of triplet boys who died at premature birth. The service was held in a memorial cemetery in another city. A graveside service was planned; however, because of the cold and blustery weather, the mausoleum chapel at the cemetery was used. More than ninety relatives and friends attended the service conducted by the parents’ pastor. At the beginning of the service, a grandfather read a poem which the father of the baby boys had written after their birth and death which recounted the parents’ time together. At the close of the service, the minister read a second poem by the father entitled, "The Time Is Now." The service was a beautiful worship experience.

Don and I were touched by the faith expressed by this young couple, Lori and Bill Wardlaw, and the obvious reality of the Lord in their lives. Lori and Bill gave us permission to share the very personal poems used in the funeral service. We feel you too will be blessed by these thoughts.

As my wife lay there in bed, 
Many thoughts raced through my 
Thoughts of when we were apart,
And how she came and stole my heart.
I thought of when we used to date,
And how we always stayed out late.
I thought about that dreadful night,
When I was in a state of fright.
I asked her father for her hand,
And he said, smiling, No way, man!"
I thought about the night we wed,
And how I meant the vows we said.
I thought of when the lightning hit,
And how the bees gave us a fit.
I thought of when we bought our 
Of all the room we had to roam.
My memory jogged about the times
That talk of kids was on our minds.
I thought of the day when we were told
The Lord had blessed us triple-fold.
Now here we are inside this room,
Trying not to think of gloom.
We must remember the Lord has 
And now He puts us to the test.
So Lord we pray Your will be done
In the lives of these and everyone.
Lord We Trust It All To You!!
Praise The Lord!

— Bill Wardlaw 

Sometimes we don’t know when to 
If God were asked, I’m sure He’d 
The Time Is Now!
Prayer is just a simple way
Of communicating every day
With God above who loves us all
And builds us up not just to fall.
The Time Is Now!
We should not wait for times of need
To come to God with bended knee,
For if we wait a time will come
When time is gone and life is done.
The Time Is Now!
The Lord our God does not wait
For us to hurt or congregate,
He blesses us our whole life through,
No matter what we say or do.
The Time Is Now!
So heed this plea of mine this hour,
Don’t wait for strife but pray with 
For everything right from the start, 
It heals the pain and soothes the 
The Time Is Now!
So if you don’t know when to pray,
Just ask God, I’m sure He’ll say...
The Time Is Now!

— Bill Wardlaw

If you should have need of materials for someone who has experienced the loss of an unborn or newborn child, we shall be glad to share the number of excellent booklets and pamphlets we have. Although I have not seen many books dealing specifically with this grief, I have just completed readingEmpty Arms, by Pam W. Vredevelt, which deals with this subject. The book is available in paperback.

Part of our ministry as a funeral home is to help in any way we can. Whatever your grief may be, please feel free to request material from our library.


Terry Robbins

TERRY ROBBINS is our featured employee for this newsletter. Terry is manager of the Elliott-Waller Insurance office, which is located at 428 North Lamar, in the building which was formerly Elliott Funeral Home. Terry, who began work for Waller Funeral Home in February 1984, has done an outstanding job of handling the Elliott-Waller Insurance Office and assisting at Waller Funeral Home when needed.

Terry had prior funeral home experience working with National Funeral Home in New Albany as insurance salesman, manager and funeral director and also working with two other funeral homes in this area. He also previously worked for Futorian Upholstered Furniture Company in New Albany, and in 1968-70 he served in the U.S. Army, including 10 months with the 35th Signal Group in DaNang, Vietnam.

Terry was born and reared in Union County near Etta and Myrtle. His mother, Mrs. Birdie Lou Hill, still resides in New Albany. Terry graduated from Myrtle High School.

Terry is married to the former Shirley Cook Keel, who works in the office with Terry. Terry and Shirley have four children. The family lives in the Laws Hill Community near Harmontown, where Terry raises cattle. Terry and Shirley enjoy gardening and raising registered Chinese screw tail pugs. Terry referees basketball for junior high schools in Lafayette, Marshall, Union and Yalobusha counties. They are members of Mt. Moriah Baptist Church.

The numerous awards and trips Terry has won in insurance competitions attest to his ability as an insurance representative.

Terry would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your present or needed insurance coverage. He is available at anytime, including evenings and weekends. Just call 662-234-6711. and set up a time.
We are pleased to have Terry as a member of our staff, and he is committed to helping you with your insurance needs. 

Bobby Phelps (right) congratulates Bob Rosson on obtaining his license in funeral service in the state of Mississippi. Bob's recent appearance before the Mississippi State Board of Funeral Directors was the last step in licensing. We are proud to have both these young men on the staff of Waller Funeral Home as full-time funeral directors and morticians.


We dedicate this issue of SEASONS to those who have died and whose families we have served from May 22, 1986 to August 16, 1986

Mr. Cubert Morris Shields 5-22-86

Mrs. Dovie Carwile Billingsley 5-22-86

Baby Boy Karr 5-23-86

Mrs. Emma Lou La Fleur Jenkins 5-24-86

Mr. Fred "Buddy" King 5-25-86

Mrs. Johnnie Ruth Shoffner Oates 5-27-86

Mrs. Nancy Carolyn Jenkins Frega 5-29-86

Mrs. Mildred Treas 5-30-86

Mrs. Phoebe Walters Calloway 6-6-86

Mr. Laurel Chambless 6-7-86

Mrs. Merial Rogers Evans 6-7-86

Mrs. Ruby May Stephens Varner 6-14-86

Mrs. Mattie French Lucas Flaherty 6-14-86

Mrs. Doris Lester Kimmons 6-15-86

Mr. William Rodney Harper 6-15-86

Mr. Richard Lee Lovelace 6-16-86

Mr. J.W. Young 6-17-86

Mrs. Ruth Evans Robinson 6-20-86

Mrs. Orvilla Coffman Hollowell 6-21-86

Mrs. Lennie Peterson Hemphill 6-23-86

Dr. Frances Elizabeth Bolen 6-25-86

Mrs. Jessie Kate Anderson Mize 6-26-86

Mr. Iley Leonard Prater 6-28-86

Mrs. Lillie Potts Walker 7-1-86

Mr. James Wesley Garrison 7-9-86

Mrs. Lucy Clyde Wallace Mackey Reaves 7-10-86

Mrs. Cecil Carroll Boatright 7-17-86

Mr. Benjamin E. Tarver 7-20-86

Mrs. Ollie Rampy Varner 7-21-86

Mrs. Jimmie Alford Tidwell 7-25-86

Mr. W.M. Tidwell 7-25-86

Robert Eugene Boyden 7-25-86

Mr. William Alford Staton 7-28-86

Mr. Cleveland H. "Doc" Ransom 7-29-86

Mr. Howard E. Davis 7-30-86

Miss Lynda Ramey 7-31-86

Mrs. Octavia Kendel Duke 8-4-86

Tina Renee Savage 8-5-86

Mr. Travis Menton King 8-9-86

Mrs. Atlanta Cox Parks 8-11-86

Mr. Euphus Fudge 8-11-86

Mrs. Mildred Sarver Copple 8-12-86

Mr. Luther Patton 8-13-86

Mr. Willie Claude Bell 8-14-86

Mrs. Carrie Mae Cooper Cummings 8-15-86

Mrs. Belle Wallace Morgan 8-16-86 


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