Fall 1986


This newsletter is sent as our holiday greeting to you. Thanksgiving and Christmas are very meaningful and special seasons, and the mutual enjoyment of the season brings families, friends, and acquaintances closer.

At this time each year I must truly struggle to keep my mind upon present tasks and events. Perhaps, as someone suggested, I live too much in the past. But I enjoy Reminiscing! Reminiscing was one of Daddy’s favorite pastimes, and I, too, like to relive the old times— especially the good ones.

Holidays bring memories and warm thoughts of loved ones now gone. I remember Mother often declaring she really liked "a good fat hen" for baking and making dressing, and I don’t mind that I do not remember having turkey at Thanksgiving until my adult years. One Thanksgiving Day is preserved and recalled by one of my favorite pictures which is of my brother Jim and our young male cousins standing in line holding their rabbits after a big rabbit hunt during a large family gathering.

Others of you have memories of loved ones now deceased, and for some of you it is the first Christmas without a special loved one. Hard to bear is the hurt of realizing you can no longer buy a special gift or plan a special meal for a departed one and the envy —even bitterness — in seeing other families still complete. How do you swallow the lump, smile, and wish "Happy Holiday" when you are so miserably lonely? The one person to whom you were the most special can no longer tell you that you are. Just how does one manage to get through the long days and longer nights?

Those who have been there simply say with surety, "You will survive but it will be ever so painful." Our mind knows these facts, but our heart cries out for comfort. God has not promised we shall understand but He has promised He will always be with us.

I am constantly reading and watching for thoughts which would be helpful as we are with families at the funeral home. An article I read recently has helped me discuss the heartbreak of a first Christmas without a loved one. If you are experiencing a difficult time now and you feel like talking with someone — just sharing your heartbreak — would help, please call me. I would like so much to know that I had made even one persons difficult time easier. Sometimes it does help to talk or simply to be with someone who cares and who will try to understand, someone who will let you talk rather than try to get your mind off it. Longfellow wrote, "The heart like the mind has its own memories and in it are stored the precious keepsakes." Bring out some of your precious keepsakes and keep that loved one present through them.

Our thoughts just naturally turn toward those who are bereaved, but our sincere wishes for a blessed holiday season go out to all of you whom we are honored to call friends. May the magic of this season bring each of you happiness and contentment.



Our featured employee for this newsletter is Beth Rosson. Beth’s many duties at the Funeral Home include answering the telephone, bookkeeping, and general secretarial work. She does much of the voluminous paper work required in funeral service. Beth is very knowledgeable about all activities at the Funeral Home; she can answer many of your questions when you come or call. She can also put you in touch with other members of the staff when you need their services.

Beth entered our lives and hearts long before Waller Funeral Home was a reality — or even a notion. Born in 1957, she is the youngest of our children. She attended Oxford Public Schools, graduating in 1975, and she also attended Ole Miss. Beth married Bob Rosson in March of 1978; and they spent three years in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and two and one-half years in Houma, Louisiana, while Bob worked for J. C. Penney. They moved back to Oxford in July of 1983.

Beth and Bob have two children — Brett Waller, 6, who attends kindergarten at Bramlett Elementary; and Sally Kate, 3, who spends weekdays at Happy House Nursery School. Away from work, Beth spends most of her time taking care of her home and family. She does, however, find time to participate as a member of the Oxford-University United Methodist Church, the Junior Ladies League and Oxford Junior Service Auxiliary.

Beth has made application to become a licensed funeral director and expects to appear before the Mississippi State Board of Funeral Service in February of 1987.

Beth enjoys her work at the Funeral Home, and we love and appreciate her as a member of our family and of the Funeral Home staff. 


Shown left to right are: Terry and Shirley Robbins with their family Lonnie, Johnny, and Jeannie Keel, and Angela Robbins; Bob and Beth Rosson with Brett and Sally Kate; Don and Patsy; Susan and Bill Briscoe with Joanna and Mary Beth; Bobby and Sue Phelps with Lee and Ken.

We dedicate this issues of SEASONS to those who have died and whose families we have served from August 16, 1986 to November 23, 1986.

Mrs. Mary Dent Wilds 8-31-86

Mr. William Harold Mize 9-5-86

Mrs. Sleet Kitchens Harwell 9-7-86

Mr. Gayle Woodrow Alderson 9-11-86

Mr. George Lester Dulin 9-14-86

Mrs. Mildred Murray Douglass 9-18-86

Mrs. Vivian Estelle McCullough 9-30-86

Mr. John T. Turner, III 10-2-86

Mrs. Kathleen Kane Sullivan 10-3-86

Mr. Dumon Stanley Littlejohn 10-5-86

Mrs. Vassar Moore Brown 10-8-86

Mr. Billy Wayne Gillentine 10-10-86

Mrs. Allis Levy Blinder 10-10-86

Mrs. Patricia Alderson McGonagill 10-17-86

Mrs. Velma Lauderdale Parham 10-17-86

Mr. Oscar R. Feagin 10-21-86

Mrs. Mamie Emerson Dooley 10-21-86

Mrs. Iva Sue Huckaby 10-22-86

Mrs. Lillian McEwen Waller 10-23-86

Mrs. Lenna Anderson Clark 11-8-86

Mr. Leslie Malone 11-12-86

Mr. Buel Glen Daniels 11-12-86

Mrs. Gladys Franklin Petty 11-15-86

Mr. C. B. Corban 11-17-86

Rev. James A. Fondren 11-18-86

Mrs. Eloise Drewery Norris 11-19-86

Miss Joyce Taylor 11-20-86

Mr. John Robert Ales 11-22-86

"Go on joyously as much as you can, and if you do not always go on joyously — at best go on courageously and confidently."

Francis de Sales

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