Fall 1984


This edition of Seasons comes to you as we enter a very special time of the year -- the Thanksgiving / Christmas season. The observances of these holidays cause us to reflect on just how good the Lord is to us. Our blessings cannot be counted!

A favorite pastime of the season is reminiscing about holidays of years gone by. One of God’s special blessings is our inclination to remember and dwell upon the happiest times! As our minds and hearts turn to Christmas, eyes are brighter and spirits lighter with the thoughts of all that makes this season a very special time.

Some who read this are facing the first holiday season without a dear family member. We are not unmindful of these. We pray that the love of friends and family may bring you comfort and that the love of our Lord Jesus Christ may bring you peace.


If you are approached with offers of lower insurance premiums and / or special gift certificates or bonuses, you should be very cautious in making any changes which would affect the security you have had through two funeral homes well established in Oxford -- Elliott Funeral Home and Waller Funeral Home. Certificates issued in replacement of in-force insurance lack the legal effect of a policy. Generally such certificates are unenforceable. Before you make any other commitment, please call one of our licensed, experienced agents:

Terry Robbins, at the Elliott-Waller Insurance Office (662-234-6711); or Bobby Phelps, at the Waller Funeral Home (662-234-7971). Terry or Bobby will be glad to go over proposals with you. We all care about you and are concerned that you have the best coverage for your investment.

Security And Tranquility For Your Sake And Your Family's

In order to provide for the increasing interest in pre-planning for funeral service, we at Waller Funeral Home have developed a presentation of our "Pre-Need Arrangement Plan," which will be given in your home or at the Funeral Home. Our staff is trained and eager to discuss with you prearranging funeral services to whatever extent you desire. We will be glad to provide details about caskets and other materials and services and to discuss methods of prepayment. Prepayment can be in full or in installments based on your circumstances.

Comfort In Knowing Arrangements Have Been Made Which You And Those You Love Can Afford

For many persons, a pre-arranged and pre-financed funeral can be both a valuable and a protected investment.

It provides security in several ways:

First, with such protection assured, you know that you have faced the reality that every one of us will die, and YOU have already made provision for yourself. Such protection will provide you — and others — with comfort in knowing this important matter has been arranged.

Second, an investment in a Preneed Arrangement Plan guarantees you the services you select at today’s prices, an important hedge against continuing inflation.

Third, one of the kindest things you can do for your family and other loved ones is to assure that all arrangements and financing are established to spare them this additional burden. For many people such protection for their family is their major reason for pre-arrangement. If you wish, your family can participate in the planning of the service with the funeral director and clergy at a later time, but, with a pre-arrangement, the financial aspects need not be a concern to your survivors.

A Hedge Against Higher Costs

Although funeral costs, like everything else, continue to rise, you can purchase in advance a complete funeral service which is inflation-proof, that is, your costs will not increase regardless of how much prices increase.

You can purchase the inflation-proof funeral plan regardless of your age or physical condition, and your current burial policy or any other plan you have, can be incorporated in your Pre-Need Arrangement Plan.

You Make The Decisions

At Waller Funeral Home all of the necessary arrangements can be made in advance by you through the Pre-Need Arrangement program. You can prearrange the exact type of funeral service you desire and make all decisions. Prearrangement will provide you peace of mjnd and give comfort to your family who will not have to make these decisions during a period of extreme stress. The results will be exactly what you want and probably at substantial savings over future higher costs.

Your requests will be placed on file with Waller Funeral Home and your loved ones will need only to contact us. All arrangements will have been made. Advance planning will eliminate emotional over-spending in the time of bereavement. A special identification card will serve in emergencies to show that arrangements have been made with Waller Funeral Home. Services will be conducted exactly as you direct in our beautiful chapel or in any church in the area. Arrangements can also be made for out-of-town services.

Trust and Confidence In Personal, Professional Care

In times of special need, family and friends and trust in God are our greatest sources of strength. It was on this premise that Waller Funeral Home was established and upon which we are building a tradition of comforting service. Your family and friends will find at Waller Funeral Home the trust and confidence in personal,
professional care that are so important.

Home-owned and operated by people you know and trust, Waller Funeral Home is dedicated to meeting your every need in times of family loss.

May We Discuss Our Services With You?

We will welcome the opportunity to discuss our services with you at our offices or in your home. May we be of service to you? Write or telephone 662-234-7971.


Funeral costs need not be high. In fact, moderate-cost funerals are most typical and affordable. And at Waller Funeral Home, you select and pay for only those services used. We are happy to discuss our services at any time because we are confident that you will find our services exceptional and our costs as low, or lower than other funeral homes.


We dedicate this issue of SEASONS to those who have died and whose families we have served from July 16, 1984 through November 17, 1984.

Dr. John E. Brown 7-21-84

Dr. James Wilson Webb 7-25-84

Mr. Fred T. Vaughan 8-3-84

Mr. Y. C. Huggins 8-5-84

Mr. William B. Foust 8-11-84

Mrs. Nancy Watson Faulkner 8-12-84

Mrs. Lutie Peeples Henderson 8-16-84

Mr. William C. James 8-18-84

Mrs. Lena Mae Fitch Styers 8-23-84

Mrs. Opal Kelly Haley 8-25-84

Mr. Toy S. Denton 8-26-84

Mr. Moody H. Calfee 8-30-84

Mr. Lucius Lamar Reaves 9-1-84

Mrs. Louise Johnson Littlejohn 9-1-84

Mrs. Dorothy Pass McClellan 9-5-84

Mrs. Lucille Ramey Faulkner 9-7-84

Mr. Moody W. Gardner 9-7-84

Mr. David Otis Dunson 9-8-84

Mrs. Vivian Lowe McGregor 9-11-84

Mr. Tony Cecil Tidwell 9-13-84

Mrs. Mary Francis Clark Smith 9-15-84

Mr. Martin Goodwin 9-17-84

Mr. Leland L. McGraw 9-18-84

Mr. William Edward Shoffner 9-22-84

Mr. Thomas W. Yeargin 9-23-84

Dr. Harley P. Tripp 9-24-84

Mr. Milan V. Shoop 9-24-84

Mrs. Hessie Kelly McCord 9-25-84

Mr. William Luther Heard 9-26-84

Mrs. Marianna Brinson Roy 9-26-84

Mrs. Maida Moreland Coleman 9-26-84

Mr. Leonard King 9-30-84

Mrs. Allie Goolsby Nunnally 10-2-84

Mrs. Ida Saxton Burns 10-5-84

Mr. Frank Conlee 10-5-84

Miss Jimmie K. Clearley 10-8-84

Mr. Dan E. Watson 10-8-84

Mr. Dannie Clay Hickey 10-9-84

Mr. Emmett Lee Goff 10-10-84

Mr. Jerry Columbus "J.C." Tucker 10-11-84

Mrs. Judy Kay Roy 10-13-84

Mr. Esco H. Sheeks 10-16-84

Mr. Jason C. Jordan, Sr. 10-16-84

Mrs. Emma Hardy Spence 10-29-84

Mrs. Bertha Juneau Tidwell 10-31-84

Mr. Ricky Allen Tidwell 11-8-84

Mr. Canton Sanders 11-9-84

Mrs. Aline Welch Nelson 11-14-84

Mrs. Ivy Mae McCain 11-14-84

Mr. Clayton Matthews 11-17-84

Mrs. Marie Robinson Hawkins 11-17-84

Your response to my suggestion that you mail in poems or thoughts was so great we cannot begin to choose one for print.

We are placing them in a scrapbook here to enjoy and share with you as you visit in the funeral home from time to time.

Fall Memory

I have four things to learn in life:
To think clearly without hurry or
To love everybody sincerely;
To act in everything with highest 
To trust in god unhesitatingly.

(Helen Keller)

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