Waller Pet Cremation Service

We understand why.......

Because your pet is a member of the family

Because you would do anything for the friend that would do anything for you

Because you want to honor your pets life

Because they were always there for you when you needed them

Pet Cremation Options

Pet loss, whether anticipated or sudden, is a tragic event. Pet Owners facing the loss of their pet are often overwhelmed, finding themselves unprepared to handle the proper disposition of their beloved companion. Waller Pet Cremation Service offers private or communal cremation for your faithful friend at a very affordable price. We understand that it is a difficult time and we are here to assist you in any way that we can. We offer a wide selection of pet urns, markers and pet caskets as well as final dispostion options. 

Private Pet Cremation

At Waller Pet Cremation Service we are able to provide removal from the place of death whether it be your home or your veterinarian's office. Once your pet has been brought to our facility it is assigned an identification number. That number is stamped onto a metal disc and remains with your pet through the entire cremation process. The cremains are returned to you with the disc along with a Cremation Certificate with a matching number. The cremains of your pet are returned to you in a hand carved wooden urn, this urn is included in the price of the cremation. Other urn options are available for purchase. Here at Waller Pet Cremation Service we understand what a pet's unending love and devotion means and we strive to provide a dignified, lasting memory of your faithful friend's life.

Communal Cremation

Waller Pet Cremation Service offers communal pet cremation. For a small fee your pet may be cremated along with other pets and their cremains are then scattered on a farm just West of Oxford. This offers an alternative for people who do not wish to bury their pet or have the Veterinarian dispose of them.

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Available Pet Urns

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